Video: how to elevate your landscape compositions

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The composition of an image is what can elevate it from average to breathtaking. This is especially true for landscape photography, where there are lots of compositional elements to take into consideration. If you’re new to photography, or you’re struggling to frame your shots, then we recommend you watch this short and info-packed tutorial.

In this short video put together by photographer Mark Denney, you will be guided through a workflow process for composing images that would be easy to apply on any shoot. As Mark explains, learning to compose a good landscape photograph takes more than just reading about what good composition looks like, it requires a lot of practice on location to train your eye. 

Mark takes us through the steps of his on-location process and goes into depth about the importance of taking the time to frame and re-frame (and re-frame!) your shot, so that you can create a composition that does the scene justice. As Mark suggests, sometimes even just shifting the orientation of your camera from landscape to portrait can transform the strength of your composition.

One of the key considerations that Mark talks about is the need to remove distractions, which is a good reminder for skilled and amateur photographers alike. He also talks about the importance of light and leading lines.

If you’ve got a spare 15 minutes, we recommend you check out this helpful video.

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