Video: How to beat photographer's block

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If you've ever wanted to be creative but not felt in the zone for it, then you'll likely enjoy this interesting video from photographer and filmmaker Rick Bebbington.

Many photographers and other creatives struggle with being creative all the time - it's not possible to turn creativity on and off like a tap, and so Bebbington asked his instagram followers for what they identified as the biggest challenges to being creative. 

The results are enlightening, with a number citing the frustrations that come from comparing work to other creatives and unrealistic expectations around perfectionism.

One of the valuable takeaways from the video is just forcing yourself to get started trying to make something. As Bebbington says, just starting can be the hard bit, but you need to just do it anyway. Combine this with planning and prioritising time for creativity, and you'll find you can beat the photographer blues, and have fun.


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