Video: How choosing the right camera height can improve your wildlife photos

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Ask any seasoned wildlife photographer (or portrait photographer for that matter) about where you should place your camera when photographing a subject, and they'll likely tell you it's a really important consideration.

This is because being above, at, or below your subject's eye-level can significantly change how your viewer interprets the image.

In this video by Steve Perry, you'll learn how and why camera height impacts storytelling in wildlife photos.

Generally, when you choose to shoot down on your subject it establishes a hierarchy that suggests the viewer is bigger, or more dominant than the subject - it diminishes them in the frame.

In contrast, being below eye level makes the subject appear grander and more imposing and can be a great for when you want to show size and strength. Where this can be used creatively is with photographing subjects you wouldn't typically associate with being big and strong - think insects, rodents and other small creatures.

At the very least with photographing animals of any kind you should get on their level - it will make for much more engaging images as it helps put the viewer in the frame.

You can see more of Steve Perry's videos on YouTube. 

Cover image: Mike O'Connor

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