Video: Everything you need to know about rolling shutter

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We're big fans of David Bergman from AdoramaTV's helpful videos as he has a unique ability to explain complex technical photography subjects in language that almost anyone can understand. If we've picqued your interest, well his latest video is well worth a watch.

In it, he explains one of the more technical differences between DSLR and Mirrorless cameras in an easy to understand way - what is rolling shutter?

The question he's asked is a great one: Why does rolling shutter only happen with mirrorless cameras using an electronic shutter? On DSLRs, or mirrorless using mechanical shutter, once the shutter opens, isn't the picture taken on the sensor using exactly the same process as mirrorless - one line at a time?

The answer comes down to the speed with which both mirrorless and DSLR sensors read information, and it's one area where mirrorless cameras still trail DSLRs. This will probably continue to be the case until we see a consumer level global shutter added to a mirrorless camera, but we recommend you watch the whole video to get your head around why.

You can see more of David Bergman's great Ask David Bergman! series on Adorama TV's YouTube channel. 

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