Video: Do you need image stabilisation?

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In recent years we've seen many new cameras and lenses coming out with image stabilisation, a new type of technology which helps comensate for image shake, allowing sharper images at longer shutter speeds. But when there's options to have it in both your lens and your body, do you need it in both? or at all?

If you are new to photography, this great video from the ever-knowledgeable David Bergman with Adorama TV will teach you what you need to know about stabilisation - how it works, in what situations it's useful, and whether you should pay a premium for it in your next camera lens - as most mirrorless bodies now come with it by default. 

It's worth noting too that image stabilisation is not a substitute for subjct motion, and the shutter speed needed to freeze a subject's motion is not affected by the presence (or lack of) image stabilisation. If you have a fast moving subject, you'll still need just as fast a shutter speed to freeze them. Where image stabilisation can make a difference is when you want to handhold a longer shutter speed to let in more light or want to shoot the same image at a lower ISO. 

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