Video: Choosing the right lens for portrait photography

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Selecting the right lens for portrait photography is an important decision, but it's also a pretty bewildering world to get your head around if you're new to photography.

That's where this great video by Sydney's Julia Trotti comes in. It offers an in-depth exploration of all the various lens types, covering everything from primes to zooms and wide-angle to telephoto, and is aimed at photographers seeking to refine their portrait photography skills.

As well as showing plenty of real-world examples, the video explores how different lenses can dramatically impact the final outcome of a portrait session.

This is why focal length in particular is perhaps the largest contributing factor, as it can affect everything from whether the environment around your subject makes it into frame to the way your subject's face is rendered.

As Julia explains, the more you understand the advantages and limitations of different lens types, the more you can make informed technical decisions and make better creative choices. 

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