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Like it or not, in an age of digital portfolios and marketing through social media, if you want to be successful as a photographer you need to go beyond just taking photos. And building a strong social media strategy, particularly on Instagram, is one of the most crucial parts of how you do this.

This great video by Taylor Jackson is built around a conversation with Angela Shae, a social media expert and founder of Social Templates, and looks at how you can adopt a successful social media strategy.

Their discussion dives into the importance of being consistent (you can't just post once a month and expect people to engage with you), embracing features like Reels, and creating 'authentic' content that resonates with your audience. 

One of the most interesting points is how Shae emphasises "showing your human side" and building a relationship with your followers. The example she uses to illustrate this is an interesting one: a bride following three photographers.

As Shae explains, the photographer who actively engages with their audience through stories, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and commenting and liking is the one more likely to be chosen, as they have already established a connection and built trust.

One thing Shae also speaks to is the idea of lifting the lid on the creative process - as humans we love to see the story behind something or the less glamorous side to being a creative. This is why high quality behind-the-scenes footage is so important.

You can watch the full video above. 

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