Video: blending exposures in Lightroom

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When there are video tutorials as short and sweet as this one, it’s hard to say you don’t have time to learn new things. As part of Perea Photography’s Five-Minute Fridays segment, this video clearly explains how to blend exposures in Lightroom to make quality edits on your images.

Knowing how to blend exposures is useful post-production knowledge to have, because sometimes the scenes you want to capture have a high dynamic range, like a sunrise landscape shot, which is the example used in the video.

Because some scenes have a greater dynamic range than your camera can cope with, you have to think a little differently to capture the depth and beauty of the scene before you. As explained in the video, if you take multiple photos of the scene from the same viewpoint, but alter the exposure level of each shot, you will be able to blend these images together later in Lightroom to create a final image that is of the best possible quality.

As Mike points out in the tutorial, when shooting scenes with moving elements like clouds, be sure to take your shots in quick succession so you don’t run into problems later when you want to align and blend your images. 

This short tutorial is well worth the watch, as you will be given a step-by-step guide as to how to process your images in Lightroom to create a stunning final product. We’ve all got 5 minutes to spare! 

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