Video: A look at the most difficult shot in movie history

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It's now remembered largely as a box-office bomb that was panned by critics, but Hollywood Director Brian De Palma's film The Bonfire of the Vanities did have one redeeming feature - the legendary Concorde at JFK shot that cost $80,000 and an incredibly narrow window of time (just 30 seconds in an entire year) where it was possible to pull it off -  and all for a shot that appeared on screen for less than 10 seconds. 

In this great video from Patrick (H) Willems, he looks at the fascinating story behind the shot, and how De Palma would never settle for 'just' a plane landing on an airstrip when it came to his films.

As well as the ridiculous amount of planning and coordination required to create it, Patrick also looks at whether it would be even possible to capture something like it today on a decidedly less-than Hollywood budget.

Ultimately though, the video is a great look at the filmmaking process, and an interesting throwback to an era when Hollywood blockbusters were made with just a few special effects and budgets flew as high as the Concorde. 

You can see more of Patrick's videos on YouTube. 

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