Video: 5 tips to help you shoot portraits anywhere

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Ever felt limited by the location of your portrait shoot? Unsure on how to capture beautiful portraits when there are distracting elements close to your subjects? Well, we have found a quick and clever video tutorial that will arm you with the tools to take on your next portrait shoot with confidence, irrespective of the location. 

Put together by photographer Katelyn James, the video features five simple and useful tips to help you transform any location into an ideal spot to shoot your portraits.

Although Katelyn is a wedding photographer and her behind-the-scenes examples are focused on bridal couples, her advice can easily be applied to any kind of portrait shoot, whether it's for a client or you are simply taking photos of your friends and family. 

In less than fifteen minutes, Katelyn will give you a new perspective on what is possible to achieve when working in a location that doesn’t seem picture perfect at first. You can see the full video below.

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