Video: 5 reasons to shoot with Vintage Macro Lenses

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The best thing about macro photography is that you would be hard pressed to ever say that you’re bored or that you have nothing to shoot because it gives new life to all the little things in your world. 

As Mark Holtze explains in this short but useful video, the lower price point of vintage macro lenses as opposed to newer macro lenses, makes them an ideal choice when purchasing a macro lens. This is especially the case if you are someone who wants to try macro photography for the first time. 

In the rest of the video, Mark goes on to explain the other benefits of using a vintage macro lens such as the fact that the vintage lenses can deliver really sharp results even when set to a very small aperture.

Additionally, Mark explains that since macro photography has such a slow pace with a tiny focus plane, it is often better to shoot with manual focus even when you have the choice to use automatic focus. When comparing newer lenses to the vintage lenses, Mark thinks that it’s actually the vintage lenses that are more suited to the manual focusing and in turn lead to really good macro photographs.

Macro photography up opens a world of photographic possibility around you. If it’s something you’re considering, give this a watch!

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