Video: 5 great Lightroom editing tricks

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Adobe's Lightroom is more powerful than ever, and as such is probably where most photographers are doing their editing in 2020. 

In this great video by the team at Mango Street, you'll learn five quick tricks that take advantage of a variety of Lightroom's tools. We're especially big fans of the use of the graduated filter to create a faux tilt shift lens/toy town effect. It's a simple one too, just two grad filters either side of the area you want to focus on, with a tweak to both sharpness, clarity and texture (so it doesn't look too soft). Voila! 

The other great tip for portrait photoraphy is some subtle edits to your subjects' faces and eyes, which can be quickly done with an adjustment brush (with auto mask ticked to keep your brush inside the lines), and then subtle adjustment of highlights and shadows.  

You can see more of Mango Street's great tutorial videos on their YouTube channel. 

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