Video: 5 easy ways to improve your landscape photos

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While we're usually pretty wary of videos that offer to do something amazing in just five easy steps, we did enjoy this video by Alister Benn of Expressive Photography enough to make us think it's worth your time watching.

In it, he shares five steps he's taking to refine and improve his photography in the new year. It's worth noting that 'improve' doesn't mean taking photos that get more likes on Instagram, instead it means deepening his personal relationship with the environment and creating images that are true to his vision.

Benn's other great tip is to focus on local projects as a source of inspiration, which has the added benefit of allowing you to get more images than you would if you spent your time travelling to faraway locations.

The examples he shares are of his series of local trees in different conditions, demonstrating how focussing on one subject can lead to a creative and diverse body of work that's still achievable for most photographers.

You can see more of Alister's great videos on YouTube. 

Cover image: Mike O'Connor

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