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If you want a refresh on your Photoshop skills, or you want to improve beyond your current abilities, then you might want to look out for the Photoshop Virtual Summit II, which is a free training workshop that kicks off next week. 

The Photoshop Virtual Summit II will take place between 9-13 November, 2020. The Virtual Summit is an online event that offers free Photoshop training across five days, led by some of the most skilled Photoshop experts in the world. 

Classes will be suitable for all levels of skill, from rookies to pros, and will cover a broad range of subject matter. Some of the topics that will be included in the classes are: Photoshop Lighting Techniques, Workflow Efficiency, Advanced Selections and Masking, Layers Beyond the Basics, Introduction to Lab Colour, Introduction to Colour Management and Creative Texture Blending, among others.

The event is sponsored by Adobe and will be put on by Dave Cross, who hosted the first Virtual Summit in April of this year. Cross is a Photoshop instructor who has been training retouchers and photographers for over twenty years. 

Here he is in a short 5-minute video, explaining what the Summit is all about.

The Photoshop Virtual Summit II is set to feature more than thirty hours of classes taught by twenty instructors. Some of the instructors include: Dave Cross, Lisa Carney, Corey Barker, Mark Heaps, Blake Rudis, Colin Smith, Glyn Dewis, Ben Willmore, Anya Anti, Sebastian Michaels and Matt Kloskowski.

As mentioned before, the cost of the classes is nothing! You can get free access to them when you watch them live, or within 48 hours after they have aired. If you can’t watch them live, or want to move through the lessons more slowly, then you can purchase a VIP pass now for  the early bird price of USD $97 or USD $147 from Monday 9 November. The VIP pass will give you lifetime access to the Virtual Summit’s recordings, class notes and handouts.  

To find out more about the program and to register for your free ticket, you can visit the website here.


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