Instagram Reels: a new source of photo education

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Reels hit Australian Instagram feeds in early August 2020 in a move that helped Instagram capitalise on users' interest in short and entertaining videos that was sparked by TikTok.

While these videos often feature lifehacks and dancing, they also provide an opportunity for photographers to share behind-the-scenes of shoots, snippets of useful information and technical advice. Photographer Bobbi Lockyer has embraced the new Reels function on Instagram to share her top tips for making creative photographs and capturing interesting video footage.

1. Shooting with a camera and using a phone for special effects:

 2. Using simple props: 

3. Portrait mode on iPhone and easy editing: 

4. Pairing puddles with the iPhone's wide-angle mode:

5. Clever and affordable way to shoot product shots:

6. Using an iPhone to make cinematic footage:


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