How to choose the right type of equipment for your photobooth business

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Running a Photobooth business is a great option for anyone who is creative, loves events, and who enjoys working with people who are looking to have a great time.

Beyond this, it is a very lucrative industry to get into and we have seen over the last decade alone, a huge rise in the popularity in the business of photobooth rental and other event features. These are a great option for a range of events such as weddings, work parties, engagements, birthdays and celebrations. 

Simply having a photo booth however is not enough, firstly because most customers will want more, and secondly, because there is a steep competition in the photobooth industry. Photo booth hire in Sydney for example is something which can easily be found across the city and this is why each company has to do their bit to get ahead of the pack.

Let’s take a look then at how you can choose the right type of equipment for your business.

© Thibault Copleux/Unsplash
© Thibault Copleux/Unsplash

If You Plan On Buying An Actual Booth

The photobooth is going to be your most expensive outlay here and the main focus which you should have is the quality of the photos taken. If you have to sacrifice space inside the booth for the sake of a high quality image then so be it.

Yes, you may have some customers who are not enamored with the small size of the booth and the number of people that can fit inside it, but you will have more unhappy customers, in the event that their special memories are ruined by grainy or blurry photos. Always let the quality of the photo that is printed drive your decision.

© Febrian Zakaria/Unsplash
© Febrian Zakaria/Unsplash

How to Transport The Booth

Once you have secured the booth, you will need to carefully figure out how you are going to safely and securely take your prized possession from point A to point B. Those who are making great money from this will use high-end vans where the booth can be carefully stored and secured inside. However, if you are just starting out then investing in such a vehicle may be out of reach.

What is important here, is that whatever vehicle you choose, that the photobooth is safely protected from all harmful elements. If you have a physical booth then you will have to look into a van or perhaps a towable container which is easy to set up and promises maximum safety for your booth.

© Kevin Grieve/Unsplash
© Kevin Grieve/Unsplash

For Those Looking At Creating a Set Up

Originally it was more common for people to buy a physical, all-in-one booth in order to start their business. But, in recent years we have seen people look to set up more of a professional-style photo shoot. This of course gives guests a great chance to take a more formal photo and because of the extra space, it gives way to many more types of photos and scenes.

This kind of set up which is much more like a freestanding booth does deliver higher quality images than an all-in-one booth. Something to consider here however is the extra expense which goes along with this style of set-up, which requires a great quality camera, bright and powerful lights and the ability to print on site, to a great standard.

With regards to transportation if you have a freestanding booth, this is certainly something which you could easily package and stash inside your car.  For this you will have to buy a hard case for the gear, and this will depend on the size of the equipment once it has been collapsed and packed up.

Free Standing Set Up

If you have decided that you prefer to have your own set-up where you will take shots of the event, rather than a cubed booth, you will have to ensure that you cover all bases when it comes to equipment. As mentioned the quality of the camera will be all important here but so too will that lighting and background. It doesn’t matter how good the camera is, if the lighting is poor then you will end up with dark shots. 

The choices which you make regarding the camera, lights and printing equipment that you buy, will very much come down to the amount of money you wish to spend.

This is a tough trade off because the better the equipment and the photos are, the more work you are likely to get. An original heavy outlay however may not yield much return for a while after purchase, as you seek to get your name out there, leaving you exposed for some time.

Try to keep your set up simple here, a basic structure with a glitzy curtain, two bright spotlights and the camera itself, plus the means to print, incidentally the quality of low cost instant printers is very high, so this should be an easy piece of kit to get.

Best Approach to Buying Gear

What is great about those who love photography is that they are highly passionate about this and there is a wealth of fantastic information online from product reviews to expert recommendations.

As we have already mentioned, the best course of action when you get started is to begin in a small way and look to upgrade the equipment as you go. Through the use of online reviews, some are even from photobooth owners themselves, you can focus on what is most important here, which is the quality of the image that the guests get.


The trick in order for you to stand out from the rest, will depend upon your own charisma and the extras that you can offer to make an event even more memorable. People love to wear silly wigs and crazy sunglasses for their photos and use accessories like blow up guitars and other funny items.

Always ensure you ask the event organizer if they would like these extras of course, but they are always good to have at home, to provide an additional option.

Stick to your budget, keep it simple and always remember that in the business of photography - image quality will always be king!

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