Behind the lens: Storm clouds brewing

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For me, adventure is full of unexpected and big ideas, and this time it was no different. I'd booked a one way ticket to join a project roadtripping from Russia to Iran, including stops in Georgia and Armenia. With me, a group of professional slackliners and basejumpers from Russia, Germany, Estonia and Australia: an unlikely mix crossing insecure and dangerous borders.

Our choice of vehicle was a rundown 20-year-old Toyota Hiace which we used to look for the most engrossing, challenging and extreme slacklines this amazing part of the world had to offer.

In Armenia, we discovered this set of abandoned 70m high power line towers. Spaced 310m apart, two of us scaled the towers to rig the line before the slackliners began their work.

On the second day that the line was rigged, a huge lightning and thunder storm began to form in the distance, eventually rolling in then fading away after an hour or so. Because these structures are so unique, it just added an extra level of complexity - Where is the best angle and what will do this location justice?

Russian slackliner Vladimir Murvaev, 32, had chosen to have an evening session on the line. When he began climbing a few grey clouds were looming unthreateningly in the distance, but as he set out dark rain clouds quickly began to circle as lightning cracked in the distance.

As conscious as I was for his safety, Vladimir kept walking and it turned out that the incoming storm gave this frame something else to match the sheer scale of these industrial pylons. Without the clouds it would be just a nice picture of a person dwarfed by a tower. As he stepped off he didn't have much to say, just a deep sigh and wry smile.

I always feel incredibly lucky to be able to join such great company on large projects such as this, and it's a unique part of my job description to find a way to do a location, the line and the athlete justice with my images.

Fujifilm X-T2, XF14mm F/2.8 Lens. 1/500s @ f11, ISO 200 
Aidan Williams is an Australian Adventure Photographer living a nomadic lifestyle travelling around the planet. See more of his work on Instagram @Aidanwilliamsphoto.

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