Video: 5 lesser-known Lightroom desktop shortcuts

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One of the joys of Lightroom is using it enough that you start to understand its many nuanced shortcuts, and this video from Brian Matiash is as good a starting point as any - as in this handy video he shares five lesser-known Lightroom shortcuts and tricks that will help you streamline your editing.

It's worth noting that Matiash uses Lightroom (the non-classic version), but some of his tips do translate to Lr Classic too. 

Matiash's tips range from quick folder and album navigation, to quickly changing crop overlays and adjusting the background colour of the active preview area, among other tips. 

One tip we really appreciated is the idea of using the single panel mode, which further simplifies the Lr interface by auto-collapsing sections of the editing dropdown when they're not in use - perfect if you like to edit in a consistent way from start to finish.

You can see more of Brian's great videos on his YouTube channel. 

Cover image: Brian Matiash
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