Your best storage horror stories from our Sandisk giveaway

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Two weeks ago we asked for your best storage horror story as part of our Sandisk giveaway, and with more than 300 entries, you did not disappoint.

But there can only be one winner, so a huge congratulations to Jenly Legiman, who has won our Sandisk prize pack valued at $508!

Jenly has won a Sandisk iXpand Base 128GB, with an RRP of $189.95, and a Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD 1TB with an RRP of $319. Here's her answer:

Mum learnt from 'Bridges of Madison County' that celluloid films last longer when kept in freezer, so she followed suit with my photography USB sticks!

We thought you might like to read some of the other amazing storage horror stories we received in the competition. Ouch.

I lent my 2TB harddrive to a mate only for him to say thanks and then he CHUCKED it in his front seat, destroying the drive - Edward J
Buying a brand new 1GB drive at a computer swap meet when 1GB was massive & worth a fortune, it failed so tried to do a warranty claim, and the manufacture said it was from a stolen consignment! - Patrick M
I bought a cheap micro SD card for my phone, travelled all over Europe with limited connectivity, and came home to 32Gb of nothing - George M
My cat knocked a 4 drive NAS that was running off the table ruining all 4 drives 12gb in total - Leon F
A customer connected her iPhone to charge through my laptop in a meeting. My colleagues and I were sifting through pictures of her grandchildren for the next 2 years - Moshe N
I had a USB3 1TB hard drive which I carried with me everyday. It contained my important data and the details of the project I was working on. As I walked up to the screen to deliver my presentation the drive slipped out if my hand and fell to the floor. I lost all my data. No spindle drives for me now - Edwin R
My wife erased our video of our son's Ultrasound for an episode of Neighbours ;( Unreachable ! No backups! - Sam L
My ex girlfriend decided the best way to break up with me was to rip out my 1tb SSD and warm it up in the microwave for 1 minute on high - Rory O

After transfering photo's from my phone to laptop, I deleted them off my phone only to realise to my horror I hadn't actually downloaded them - Frances M

I was shooting videos for wedding reception, the venue was 2 hours away from home, and I accidentally brought 2GB SD Cards Instead of 128GBs - Sin K
My storage turned out to have some extra guests staying in it - lots of termites. Before I realised, my storage was pretty much gone - Marie W
.......I had to submit my Uni film project the same day my flatmate left for England with my same colour and brand HDD.. Accidental swap! - Aaron S
The constant cycle of having too many songs and photos for the iPhone and having to sacrifice either Nickelback or Wedding photos...Sorry wife, Nickelback stays - Jack R
Ran out of space on my memory card during a wedding, so decided to delete some of the dud shots. Accidentally deleted the kiss shot - Sam P
A friend used my laptop - they came back said it wasnt working and they did my a favour by reformatting the harddrive. I died inside - Angela H

Remote national park drone survey, sat the $350 SD card on top of the drone. 2 days of lost work - Zachary S

I lost my entire PhD thesis due to a safety switch failing. I was two weeks away from submission. I cried. A lot - Marcus N
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