Wim Wenders: photography is "More dead than ever" thanks to smartphones

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Renowned German photographer and filmmaker Wim Wenders believes photography “is more dead than ever” and that smartphones are the culprit.

In a new BBC News video, Wenders has shared some of his thoughts on modern photography.

“The trouble with iPhone pictures is nobody sees them,” he says. “Even the people who take them don’t look at them anymore, and they certainly don’t make prints.”

With so many images being captured and shared today, Wenders believes fewer photos are having any kind of impact and are being treasured as in the past. And even with phones packed with more and more features meant to aid creativity, they may not be helping people become more creative at all.

“I know from experience that the less you have, the more creative you have to become,” he explains. 

And although Wenders admits he does take selfies, he doesn't believe they 'are photography.'

"Looking into a mirror is not an act of photography."

What do you think? Is Wenders right, or just another 'old school' photographer who hasn't adapted to a changing world?

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