• Selection of shortlisted images from the January "Summer" Photo Competition.
    Selection of shortlisted images from the January "Summer" Photo Competition.

Annette Blattman has won the January "Summer" Photo Competition. Blattman's image “Refreshing Swim”, an underwater shot taken with a GoPro Hero HD camera, won from a field of more than 300 entries.

The Summer-themed competition was judged by highly regarded Australian fine art photographer Joshua Holko.

"Each photographer has done a good job of interpreting the brief as each of the photographs says 'the Australian Summer' in its own unique way. I enjoyed looking over them and it was not an easy decision," said Holko.

Referring to Blattman's winning image, Holko praised the picture's colour, composition and overall feel.

"I love the dichotomy of both warm and cool in this photograph that comes through very strongly in the soft pastel colours of the water and sand. It is well captured, well framed and well exposed with a lovely sense of movement and motion. It also has wonderful gesture in the swimmers pose; particularly in the placement of her hands and the curve of her body that is nearly mirrored in the water surface overhead. It successfully conveys the feeling of a refreshing swim on a hot summers day."

"Dream Living" by Brandon Rooney also drew the judge's praise.

"I love the warm afternoon light in this photograph that really brings home the feeling of long summer days and warm evenings outdoors with family and friends. This is a quintessentially Australian summer scene that has been well exposed in difficult lighting conditions. It would have been very easy to end up with just silhouettes when shooting into the sun at this angle. A slightly tighter crop would have really elevated this photograph as it's a little busy at the moment with distracting elements protruding in and out of the frame."

Annette Blattman has won a Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW camera bag, valued at $219 from Maxwell International. The lightweight bag is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and features plenty of space for camera and personal gear.

A total of 12 images were shortlisted for final judging: “Mates” by Gary Beresford; “Refreshing Swim” by Annette Blattman; “Toy Icebergs” by James Breslin; “Summer Storm” by Fiona D'Alessandro; “Say Cheese!” by John Deer; “Summer in the Bush” by Daniel Everitt; “Lake of Fire” by Cory Kipa; “Sandstorm” by Gabriel Maciel “5.16am, Maroochydore” by Brandon Rooney; “Dream Living” by Brandon Rooney; “Shake” by Jeremy Somers; and “Summer Leap” by Marshall Ward.

The brief for the February competition is “Weather”. To enter an image click here.

To see more of Joshua Holko's images go to http://www.jholko.com

Refreshing Swim by Annette Blattman
Winner: “Refreshing Swim” by Annette Blattman.

Dream living by Brandon Rooney.jpg
Highly commended: “Dream Living” by Brandon Rooney.

Toy Icebergs by James Breslin
Shortlisted: “Toy Icebergs” by James Breslin.

Summer in the Bush by Daniel Everitt.jpg
Shortlisted: “Summer in the Bush” by Daniel Everitt.

Summer Leap by Marshall Ward.jpg
Shortlisted: “Summer Leap” by Marshall Ward.

5.16am, Maroochydore by Brandon Rooney.jpg
Shortlisted: “5.16am, Maroochydore” by Brandon Rooney.

Sandstorm by Gabriel Maciel
Shortlisted: “Sandstorm” by Gabriel Maciel.

Shake by Jeremy Somers
Shortlisted: “Shake” by Jeremy Somers.

Say Cheese! by John Deer
Shortlisted: “Say Cheese!” by John Deer.

summer storm by Fiona D'Alessandro
Shortlisted: “Summer Storm” by Fiona D'Alessandro.

Mates by Gary Beresford
Shortlisted: “Mates” by Gary Beresford.

Lake of fire by Cory Kipa.jpg
Shortlisted: “Lake of Fire” by Cory Kipa.

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