Video: Watch adventure photographer Krystle Wright's new short film

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Adventure photographer Krystle Wright has debuted a new short film, In Perpetual Motion.

© Ben Thouard, Tahiti
© Ben Thouard, Tahiti

The four-and-a-half minute film captures 'the collide of ambition and fear all in the pursuit of incredible imagery', while exploring Wright's work as one of the world's leading adventure photographers. 

In Perpetual Motion is Wright's third short film project produced with Canon Australia. In 2018 the Queensland-based photographer directed two shorts, Chasing Monsters and A Restless Peace, which sought to 'bring to life the internal dialogue a professional photographers battles when he or she is capturing the moments that define their craft.'

Chasing Monsters focuses on Sydney Morning Herald photographer Nick Moir as he tracks America's wildest tornadoes, and A Restless Peace documents the work of photojournalist and war correspondent Stephen Dupont. You can see the two films below. 

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