Video: New short film showcases locally-made camera housings

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A new short film showcasing the community and brand behind Wollongong-based camera housing company Salty Surf Housings has been released. 

Salty stars well-known surf photographers Scott Ruzzene, Matt Hipsley and cinematographer Spencer Frost, and was produced by Sydney based production company Electric Bubble by filmmakers Jake Ashe and Cameron Brunt. 

The production was developed in just under a week, and was filmed on a Red Epic Dragon with Sigma Art lenses and a Canon 1DX Mark II in a Salty Surf Housing for the water sequences. 

Speaking about the production, cinematographer and editor Jake Ashe says the timeframe for the production was the biggest challenge. 

"We had to travel from the Gold Coast to Wollongong and sleep on friends couches for the week, but I think this ultimately helped the project become what it is," he says. 

"If we had gone about it without any obstacles or restraints we probably wouldn't have made something as strong as what we did."

"Filming most days started with checking the surf before the sun had risen, and once the location was chosen, the gear was prepped for one camera capturing an angle from the land and the other in the water."

Ashe says he deliberately took a fly on the wall approach to filming each creative in their natural working environment, and chose a lot of reactive and handheld setups.

You can see the full video above, and find out more about Salty Housings on the company website. 

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