Video: Is the photography world about to change completely?

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Is the photography world about to change completely? Well certainly according to Jared Polin of Fro Knows Photo it is.

Rumours of DSLRs being on their deathbed have been around just about as long as professional mirrorless cameras have been on the marketplace, and yet DSLRs still continue to outsell mirrorless cameras, even with impressive offerings from the like of Sony and Fujifilm, among others.

However if Polin is correct about Canon and Nikon releasing their long-awaited mirrorless cameras in the next couple of months, and we see adapters for full frame lenses to be used on the new cameras released at the same time, he might just be correct about things changing forever, and we may see the biggest change in camera technology in at least two decades.

What do you think? Are mirrorless cameras from Canon and Nikon going to change everything as we know it? And if you are still using a DSLR, will you consider the switch when Canon and Nikon release their full frame mirrorless cameras?

You can see more of Jared Polin's videos on Youtube.

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