US accuses DJI of spying for China in leaked memo

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Los Angeles’ Special Agent In Charge Intelligence Program (SIP) have “moderate confidence” that the drone heavyweight company DJI is sending both infrastructure and law enforcement data to China.

In a report, the SIP claim DJI are specifically targeting private and Government entities for “sensitive data”, although they’ve not published any evidence. The memo also claims that DJI has threatened US security in the past.

“Since 2015, DJI has targeted a number of U.S. companies in the critical infrastructure and law enforcement sectors to market its UAS. As of July 2017, at least ten large companies and organizations operating in the railroad, utility, media, farming, education, and federal law enforcement sectors have already purchased and begun using DJI UAS. The most frequent uses include mapping land, inspecting infrastructure, conducting surveillance, and monitoring hazardous materials.”

In response to the scurrilous claims DJI has released a statement labelling them as "simply false."

“As DJI explained to ICE, the allegations in the bulletin are so profoundly wrong as a factual matter that ICE should consider withdrawing it, or at least correcting its unsupportable assertions. DJI further urged ICE to consider whether the source of the allegations may have had a competitive or improper motive to interfere with DJI’s legitimate business by making false allegations about DJI.”

You can read the report here and DJI’s response in full here.

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