Professional nature photographer Michael Snedic discusses the impact of that most fundamental element of image-making – light – and how to use it more creatively in shooting nature images.

Having been a nature photographer for the last 15 years, more and more I understand the importance of good light when I’m trying to shoot a “special” photograph. Although good composition, correct depth of field and other camera settings are important aspects in creating strong images, subtle lighting is perhaps the most essential component of a great nature photo. Here I want to outline a few tips on how to capture the best light in nature photography, both naturally and with the aid of equipment and props.

Preparation is really important. When I’m setting off to shoot some magnificent Australian landscapes, I make sure I’ve thoroughly prepared the night before. I choose the best equipment for the shoot, charge my batteries, and make sure I have plenty of memory cards. I will also have researched when and where the sun will rise. In the morning I head out to my designated spot before sunrise and set up my tripod and camera. There’s nothing better than a photo taken…

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