The Mono Awards 2021 People's Choice Awards: voting open now!

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Voting has opened today in the People's Choice Awards for The Mono Awards 2021 presented by SanDisk. 

Over on The Mono Awards' Facebook page, you will find three photo albums, each showcasing the Top 30 images in each of the competition's three categories: People, Places and Animals. 

To cast your vote, simply 'like' the images that you think should win! Each category will have its own People's Choice winner, and each winner will take home a $100 Momento voucher and a 12-month subscription to either Australian Photography or Capture magazine. 

Starting today, the voting period runs for two weeks, with the competition set to close at 12 noon on Monday 6 September. 

You can view the albums and cast your votes by checking out the individual albums for People, Places and Animals on Facebook. 

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