Sony enters drone market with 'Airpeak'

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Imaging and consumer electronics giant Sony has announced it will be entering the drone market, unveiling a new business division called Airpeak that will launch in early 2021.

In an announcement shared on the Sony website, the company confirmed Airpeak will "support the creativity of video creators to the fullest extent possible, aiming to contribute to the further development of the entertainment industry as well as to improved efficiency and savings in various industries." 

Apart from the video and statement, details are very light at this point, although Sony have said the upcoming drones will be based on "3R technology", which they describe as standing for "reality, real-time and remote" - but what this actually means is anyone's guess. 

However with mention of "support for the creativity of video creators" and "various industries", it does seem likely that Airpeak will have some consumer-oriented offerings, especially since Sony already has an commercial/enterprise drone offering, Aerosense, which specialises in surveying, mapping and capturing live events.

We'll keep you updated with more details about Airpeak as it comes to light.

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