Sony announces monster 247MP medium format sensor

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We're not often one to report on new sensor developments, but Sony's announcement in the last couple of days that it has created a new 247 megapixel medium format BSI CMOS sensor got us a little interested.

The catchily-titled IMX811 BSI CMOS sensor isn’t a global shutter sensor like what's found in the Sony A9 III, but the company says it still offers a 64.84mm diagonal, which equates to 19,200 x 12,800 pixel images. 

According to Sony, the sensor has a 16-bit digital output, which lets it shoots at 5.3 frames per second. Sony says that at 12-bit it can still shoot at 12fps, although it's possible these resolutions could be exceeded through pixel binning. 

Many people will be aware that Sony supplies sensors to many major brands, although these relationships are often kept secret. In all likelihood the new sensor isn't one we're likely to see in a Sony stills imaging product, although it is possibly a sensor that could make its way into one of the company's CineAlta line of film cameras.

What's more likely is that the sensor will be sold to another camera manufacturer, and one that's already established in the medium format mirrorless space.

You can read all the tech underpinning the new sensor here. 

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