Shutterstock shares its 2020 year in review

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Shutterstock has just released its 2020 Year in Review, a collection of images that captured the most noteworthy stories of the past year. Shutterstock is global provider of licensed photographs and videos, among other mediums, and works with over one million contributors.

This year was certainly one for the history books, marked by loss, tragedy and upheaval, as well as progress, unity and hope.

As part of their Year in Review, Shutterstock has put together a series of collections organised chronologically by month, as well as thematically under categories like Entertainment, News, Sport, Obituraries and more. 

Some notable events that feature in the collections include: 'Parasite' winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards and being the first non-English film to win the award; the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing measures introduced to combat its spread; the rapid globalisation of the Black Lives Matter movement; the highly-anticipated US presidential election.

Shutterstock's Top 10 images of 2020

© Allen J Schaben, LA Times - Shutterstock
© Photo by Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock
Several hundred Black Lives Matter protesters take a knee and hold their fists in the air during a moment of silence to honor George Floyd during a peaceful protest march from Manhattan Beach to Hermosa Beach and return at the Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza Tuesday, June 2, 2020.
© Nina Westervelt - Shutterstock
© Nina Westervelt - Shutterstock.Medical workers are seen outside Lenox Health Greenwich Village as people applaud at 7pm to show their gratitude to medical staff and essential workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.
© Jose Coelho - Shutterstock
© Jose Coelho - Shutterstock.
A woman undergoes COVID-19 screening tests that allow them to receive results between 24 and 30 hours, at Comendador Joaquim De Sa Couto Foundation nursing home in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, 17 April. This circuit involves teams from the health centres of Santa Maria da Feira and Arouca and the hospital in Gaia, where there is one of five machines in the country with the capacity to carry out up to 1000 tests per day – with results in 24 hours.
© Julia Cortez - Shutterstock
© Julia Cortez - Shutterstock.
Protester carries the carries a U.S. flag upside, a sign of distress, next to a burning building, in Minneapolis. Protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody, broke out in Minneapolis for three nights.
© Alex Brandon - Shutterstock
© Alex Brandon - Shutterstock.
President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at Carson City Airport, in Carson City, Nevada.
© Frank Augstein - Shutterstock
© Frank Augstein - Shutterstock. A girl wears a face mask during a Black Lives Matter rally in Parliament Square, in London, as they protest against the killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, USA. Floyd, a black man, died after he was restrained by Minneapolis police while in custody on May 25 in Minnesota
© David Fisher - Shutterstock
© David Fisher - Shutterstock. Kang-Ho Song, Bong Joon-Ho, Park So-dam, Jeong-eun Lee, Lee Sun-kyun and Choi Woo-shik – Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture – Parasite.
© David Fisher - Shutterstock
© David Fisher - Shutterstock.
Tilda Swinton, ‘The Ties’ premiere and Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement Ceremony, 77th Venice International Film Festival, Italy – 02 Sep 2020
© Noah Berger - Shutterstock
© Noah Berger - Shutterstock.
Circles designed to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus by encouraging social distancing line San Francisco’s Dolores Park
© Etienne Laurent - Shutterstock
© Etienne Laurent - Shutterstock. 
Los Angeles Dodgers’ fans watch game two of the World Series 2020 between the Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers, at a drive-in is organized on the grounds of Dodger Stadium (foreground) amid the coronavirus pandemic in Los Angeles, California, USA, 21 October 2020
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