Shooting BMX with a single roll of Kodak Tri-X

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If you've ever tried shooting sports with film, then you'll likely appreciate the challenges of shooting fast-moving subjects with a genre that is perhaps the most challenging of all to shoot in analogue.

So when we saw this video and the resulting images from French photographer Hadrien Picard it really caught our attention.

He was challenged by Red Bull to capture a photo essay with BMX star Matthias Dandois with just 36 exposures of Kodak Tri-X matched to a Nikon F100 he borrowed from a friend.

Considering we live in an era of cameras that can fire away at 20fps in a second, Picard's challenge was very real. No surprise then he described himself as a little stressed.

“It’s a weird feeling, you’re obviously less sure of what you’re doing so I was a little stressed… in a way I think it’s cool to accept having less control & just let go,” says Picard. “BUT you sometimes take fewer risks, since you can’t see what you’re doing. For example, it’s hard to know exactly which slow shutter speed will look good with film, so sometimes you don’t dare to take the risk.”

You can see his resulting images below. 

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