The March photo competition closed on Saturday night, attracting a record 438 entries. The repetition-themed competition was judged by Marc Gafen, editor of professional photography magazine, Capture.

Gafen selected the image “Up the Wall” by Rachel Corsini as the overall winner, praising the image for its simple but powerful execution.

"The image unambiguously and boldly represented the theme," he commented. “Repetition was highlighted by the strong composition and effective use of black and white.

"The subject matter leaves the viewer with a number of questions as to what exactly has been photographed. One interpretation is that it’s a sci-fi landscape that stretches on indefinitely into the great white void.

"The leading lines and repetition on the left and right hand sides of the composition also helped make this image stand out from the others in an otherwise tight competition."

Rachel Corsini has won a Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW camera bag valued at $219 courtesy of Lowepro and Maxwell International.

Twenty images (pictured below) were shortlisted for final judging: 'All Aboard,' by Deb Cochrane; 'Architectural Repetition,' by Niki Whitfield-Hart; 'Blue On Blue On Blue,' by Andrew Fuller; 'Complimentary,' by Andrew Fuller; 'Crossing Bridge,' by Budiman; 'De Pazzi's Chapel,' by Carlo Oggioni; 'Down the Drain,' by Christopher Ojala; 'Leaf Life,' by Janet Storer; 'Looking Down,' by Malcolm Katon; 'Looking Up,' by Margaret Lowe; 'Natural Repetition,' by Niki Whitfield-Hart; 'Old Communication,' by Michael Falkiners; 'Repetition,' by Kerstin Siegmund; 'Repetition,' by Stan Paczkowski; 'Round and Round,' by Rebecca Ng; 'Shirts,' by Richard Edwards; 'Shutters,' by Matt Mawson; 'Smoke Repetition (Mirror),' by Louay Henry; 'Up The Wall,' by Rachel Corsini; and 'Wall of Shutters,' by Judith Garman.

Note: If you missed this competition, but would still like to try your luck at the 'Repetition' challenge,
Digital Photography + Design magazine is currently running a photo competition with the theme 'Repetition'.

Email your images to by April 13, 2012.
Up The Wall Repitition by Rachel Corsini
Winner: ‘Up The Wall’ by Rachel Corsini.

Wall of Shutters by Judith Garman
Commended: ‘Wall of Shutters,’ by Judith Garman.

Looking Up by Margaret Lowe
Commended: ‘Looking Up,’ by Margaret Lowe.

Natural Repetition by Niki Whitfield-Hart
Commended: ‘Natural Repetition,’ by Niki Whitfield-Hart.

Shirts by Richard Edwards
Commended: ‘Shirts,’ by Richard Edwards.

All Aboard by Deb Cochrane

Commended: ‘All Aboard,’ by Deb Cochrane.

Architectural Repitition by Niki Whitfield-Hart

Commended: ‘Architectural Repetition,’ by Niki Whitfield-Hart.

Blue On Blue On Blue by Andrew Fuller

Commended: ‘Blue On Blue On Blue,’ by Andrew Fuller.

Complimentary by Andrew Fuller

Commended: ‘Complimentary,’ by Andrew Fuller.

Smoke Repetition (mirror) by Louay Henry
Commended: ‘Smoke Repetition (Mirror),’ by Louay Henry.

Crossing Bridge by Budiman
Commended: ‘Crossing Bridge,’ by Budiman.

De Pazzi's Chapel by Carlo Oggioni
Commended: ‘De Pazzi's Chapel,’ by Carlo Oggioni.

Down the Drain by Christopher Ojala
Commended: ‘Down the Drain,’ by Christopher Ojala.

Leaf Life by Janet Storer
Commended: ‘Leaf Life,’ by Janet Storer.

Looking Down by Malcolm Katon
Commended: ‘Looking Down,’ by Malcolm Katon.

Old communication by Michael Falkiners
Commended: ‘Old Communication,’ by Michael Falkiners.

Repetition by Kerstin Siegmund
Commended: ‘Repetition,’ by Kerstin Siegmund.

Repetition by Stan Paczkowski
Commended: ‘Repetition,’ by Stan Paczkowski.

Round and Round by Rebecca Ng
Commended: ‘Round and Round,’ by Rebecca Ng.

Shutters by Matt Mawson
Commended: ‘Shutters,’ by Matt Mawson.

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