• Cate Blanchett. Image by Larsen&Talbert.
    Cate Blanchett. Image by Larsen&Talbert.

Larsen & Talbert is the husband and wife photographic team of Michael Larsen and Tracy Talbert. The couple specialises in celebrity portraiture and lifestyle photography for magazine and advertising clients.

For 13 years, their portraits have appeared worldwide and been featured in publications such as Esquire, InStyle, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy, USA Weekend and People.
Alongside their portfolio of highly respected and beautiful editorial work, the team also boast leading commercial clients including Fox Broadcasting, Disney, Warner Brothers Television and JBrand Jeans.
Larsen and Talbert met in high school: Michael was the yearbook photographer and Tracy shot for the school newspaper. In 1997, Michael and Tracy married and subsequently launched Larsen & Talbert Photography. The couple lives with their children in Los Angeles and spends time travelling between New York, Texas and Utah.

The duo recently joined Corbis Outline (www.corbis.com).

Cate Blanchett

George Clooney

Christian Bale

Keira Knightley

Katherine Heigl

Charlie Sheen

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