• Tears for a Nation, Uluru, NT, Australia.
    Tears for a Nation, Uluru, NT, Australia.
  • Tears for a Nation, Uluru, NT, Australia.
    Tears for a Nation, Uluru, NT, Australia.
  • Snowy River Country, VIC, Australia.
    Snowy River Country, VIC, Australia.
  • Power of One, Africa.
    Power of One, Africa.
  • Promise of Peace, Colorado, USA.
    Promise of Peace, Colorado, USA.
  • Oasis, Abu Dhabi.
    Oasis, Abu Dhabi.
  • Havasu Falls, Arizona, USA
    Havasu Falls, Arizona, USA
  • Atlantis Falls, WA, Australia
    Atlantis Falls, WA, Australia
  • Ken Duncan.
    Ken Duncan.

Multi award-winning photographer Ken Duncan, is one of Australia's most gifted and prolific landscape photographers.

Since establishing his own publishing company in 1992, Duncan has published in excess of 50 photographic books, the majority of which still reprint year after year.

In 2009 he was awarded a Medal Of The Order Of Australia (OAM) by the Federal Government for his services to landscape photography, publishing and the arts. That same year, he received the photography industry’s highest honours – the Photo Imaging Council of Australia’s Gold Tripod award. He is also an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Duncan’s skill with a camera is not limited to landscapes – he has worked on several international projects including photography for rock band Midnight Oil and commissions for National Geographic, World Vision and other agencies.

In 2010, Duncan released his book, Walking in the Light, which represents highlights from his far reaching photographic journeys. It contains the stories behind each image and, for the first time ever, the technical photographic specifications for each shot.

Duncan is also the face of Arts Freedom Australia, the non-profit organisation he founded with colleagues in 2004 to fight against the increasing burden of bureaucratic red tape which makes it increasingly difficult for photographers and other artists to freely pursue their artistic passion.

He also gives his time to indigenous youth in the community of Haasts Bluff, 250km from Alice Springs, through his "Walk a While" foundation. The foundation was established in 2010 to empower indigenous Australians to tell their own stories through the arts.


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