Nikon USA launches self-service repair program

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Nikon USA has launched a self-repair program, offering parts and instructions for photographers to make repairs on their own products at home, however Nikon Australia has no plans to replicate the scheme locally. 

In a newly launched section of the Nikon USA website, the company says it now provides access to service manuals, parts, and tools to enable users to perform their own repairs on certain Nikon digital electronic products.

Image: Nikon USA
Image: Nikon USA

Nikon is clear that any repairs are conducted at users' own risk.

"Performing repairs yourself may affect your product’s Nikon Inc. limited warranty. If your product is still covered by Nikon Inc.’s limited warranty, we recommend that you schedule service with Nikon Inc," the website states.

We asked Nikon Australia if it had plans to launch the program locally, but the company said it had no plans to launch it here.

This means if you do want to attempt a repair on your own Nikon device, you'll be unable to access parts or tools direct from Nikon Australia. 

That said, taking on a self-repair is not without risk. The Nikon USA repair page has a long disclaimer making clear that Nikon does not provide customer support or assistance for how to repair its products beyond what is available on the website.

"Damage caused by repairs performed by persons other than authorized Nikon service technicians are not covered by any Nikon warranties," states the disclaimer.

"Such damage may cause future repairs to be subject to out of warranty costs or render your product ineligible for future repairs by Nikon."

"Nikon does not provide customer support or assistance for how to repair products and adds that if there is an incorrect repair performed by an end user, it may affect the warranty. That may also incur an increased fee if a customer later requests service from a Nikon service center."

At launch, the program currently supports just one lens (the Nikkor Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR) and two laser rangefinders, the Coolshot 20 GIII and the Coolshot 20i GIII.  

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