Featuring a cutting-edge new look, the latest issue of Digital is out now and chock-full of step-by-step image-editing projects, photography tips, camera tests, competitions and more.

After months of planning Digital Photography + Design has been completely redesigned. The December 2011 - January 2012 features a clean new look and is bursting with creative image-editing tutorials, photography tips, in-depth camera reviews, photo competitions and more.

Our new-look 'How To' section kicks off with a classic image-editing project demonstrating how to turn colour mages into stunning black-and-whites. As Mark Galer explains, the secret to creating breathtaking black-and-white images is getting the tone just right, both at a local and global level. He shares the techniques he uses to fine-tune the tonality of an image and ensure the final image has maximum impact.

Charles McKean returns with another thought-provoking image-editing assignment, this time pitting his Photoshop skills against the unique Lensbaby lens and it’s quirky mix of blurred and in-focus elements. You be the judge of how well he manages to “fake it” in Photoshop.

Further on, we welcome new writer Brad Anderson who explains the tricks he uses to retouch family portraits. The transformation from run-of-the-mill snapshot to something you might actually want to frame and hang on a wall is remarkable.

Leading fashion photographer Jez Smith talks about his journey from UK art school to the set of Australia’s Next Top Model, and shares some handy tips along the way.

Chris McLellan talks about his remarkable photo of New Zealand’s highest cave abseil and explains the trials and technical challenges he had to overcome to get it.

The Christmas Gift Guide includes 24 sizzling gift ideas and we test the Sony Alpha A77 and a unique Ricoh GXR module that lets you use any M-mount lens (Leica or otherwise) from the past 50 or so years.

It’s all in the December 2011 - January 2012 issue of Australia’s top-selling digital photography magazine. In newsagents now.

New-look Digital Magazine 1
New-look Digital Photography + Design magazine is out now.

New-look Digital Magazine 2
New-look Digital Photography + Design magazine is out now.

New-look Digital Magazine 3
New-look Digital Photography + Design magazine is out now.

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