New exhibition puts focus on women's criminal justice

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A new exhibition, One Life, featuring the combined works of human rights photographer Belinda Mason and videographer Dieter Knierim, is now on at Sydney's Rocks Discovery Museum.

One Life has been organised to raise public awareness of the violence and discrimination that women encounter when involved in the criminal justice system.

According to national statistics the number of female prisoners has grown at a faster rate than that of male prisoners.

One Life journeys through the lives of twelve women - six ex-prisoners and six participants - and chronicles their experiences of being released from prison and their experiences an hour, a day, a week, a month and a year after release.

Eleni - Image by Belinda Mason 

Eleni - Image by Belinda Mason

Through the portrayal of these women’s lives, Belinda Mason poses the question – why should you care about these women?

“These women are mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and friends. They’re not just labelled by the occurrence that led them into prison, nor should they forever be defined by their experience within our justice system. At the end of the day, prisoners don’t stay in prison. Once released, they could become your neighbours, work colleagues and perhaps, even your friend. So why not take this opportunity to get to know them a little better” said Ms Mason.

The exhibition features portraits of the women by Belinda Mason, video interviews with the participants by Dieter Knierim and stories and images from the participants. 

One Life is on at the Rocks Discovery Museum, Kendall Lane, The Rocks, Sydney (enter from Argyle St) from 1 May to 16 June with its official launch Wednesday 10 May at 6pm.
The exhibition is part of the Head On Festival. 
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