• Some of the shortlisted images from the May 'Machines' photo competition.
    Some of the shortlisted images from the May 'Machines' photo competition.

The winner of May’s ‘Machines’ photo comp is Liam Schulze, who won the Lowepro camera bag with a night shot of an old electric shovel at Iron Knob Mine in South Australia.

The May photo competition attracted more than 300 entries and was judged by professional travel and adventure photographer Chris McLennan.

“The final choice was hard to make with so many quality images – all of which were very different to each other,” McLennan said.

“I chose the winning image for the strong composition created with the low horizon and angular lines of the crane.  This combined with the careful use of long shutter speeds gave a great feel with the star trails and what appears to be light painting working very well together. A well thought out image.”

Liam has won a Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW camera bag valued at $219 from Maxwell International.

McLennan also complimented two other images, ‘Rotten Teeth in Gear Wheels’ by Daphne Gonzalvez and ‘Directing Flying Machines’ by Ralph Alquezar.

“A runner-up favourite was the image of the rusty cogs which reminded me of clam shells – if the composition was off-centre then it would have been a strong contender. The small child with the large plane was also a very interesting use of subject placement and composition, a nice light-hearted image.”

A total of 311 images were entered in the May Photo Competition with 20 images making the highly commended list (see below).

The theme for the June photo competition is  The Colour Green.

ABOUT THE JUDGE: Award winning photographer Chris McLennan was born and raised in the South Island of New Zealand, but now spends his time travelling the world on photographic assignments for his many travel and tourism clients. He also hosts travel photography workshops and in 2012 is planning tours to Africa, Alaska, and Italy. See Chris’ work here.

Giant on the Hill by Liam Schulze
WINNER: ‘Giant on the Hill,’ by Liam Schulze.

Chopper by Bob Jin
‘Chopper,’ by Bob Jin.

Clancy Cars by Bryce Waters
‘Clancy Cars,’ by Bryce Waters.

Cogs by Grahame Matthews
‘Cogs,’ by Grahame Matthews.

Cool Machine by Markus Hainz
‘Cool Machine,’ by Markus Hainz.

Cranes on the skyline by david edwards
‘Cranes on the Skyline,’ by David Edwards.

Deluxe by Matt Mawson
‘Deluxe,’ by Matt Mawson.

Directing Flying Machines by Ralph Alquezar
‘Directing Flying Machines,’ by Ralph Alquezar.

Excavator Attack by Thomas Jones
‘Excavator Attack,’ by Thomas Jones.

The forgotten... by Roseann Hall
‘The Forgotten...,’ by Roseann Hall.

Ready to Roll by Wayne Sherriff
‘Ready to Roll,’ by Wayne Sherriff.

Rise Of The Machines by Andrew Fuller
‘Rise of the Machines,’ by Andrew Fuller.

Rotten Teeth in Gear Wheels by Daphne Gonzalvez
‘Rotten Teeth in Gear Wheels,’ by Daphne Gonzalvez.

Speed in Motion by Kory Leung
‘Speed in Motion,’ by Kory Leung.

T-bird by Shawn Selles
‘T-bird,’ Shawn Selles.

The Digger by Maria Bastin
‘The Digger,’ by Maria Bastin.

The Excavator by Arther Ng
‘The Excavator,’ by Arther Ng.

Tread lightly by Mick Unwin
‘Tread Lightly,’ by Mick Unwin.

Warehouse Buzz by Karen Scott
‘Warehouse Buzz,’ by Karen Scott.

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