Landscape photographer Dale Sharpe killed in tragic accident

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Highly respected Australian landscape photographer Dale Sharpe has died following a roadside accident in Kansas, USA overnight.

Sharpe, 36, was struck by a passing vehicle while standing outside of his car on a Kansas highway yesterday, according to a post on the DK Photography facebook page. 

The post says Sharpe was driving on Highway Two north east of Harper when he struck a deer.

His vehicle started to billow smoke from the engine bay and he sought refuge in a ditch on the side of the road.

A passing motorist coming from the opposite direction avoided colliding with the stranded vehicle by leaving the road, however it is understood in doing so the vehicle entered the same ditch where Sharpe was seeking refuge. Despite running to avoid the oncoming vehicle, he was struck.

A report by local media later confirmed the photographer's death. 

According to the media report, Sharpe was treated at the scene and taken to hospital, where he died less than two hours later. The oncoming 45-year-old driver was unharmed.

The Gold Coast-based photographer had emerged as one of the world's most exciting landscape photographers, and was known for both his talent behind the camera and his huge passion for storm and astro photography. Along with his partner Karlie Russell, he had established a huge audience for his images through the DK Photography social media pages. 

Sharpe was an ambassador for Nikon, NiSi filters and Sirui Tripods, as well as a contributor to Australian Photography magazine.

He is survived by his partner Karlie, and daughter Mia. 

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