Hybrid solar eclipse set to grace WA skies today

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A rare hybrid solar eclipse is set to grace WA skies on April 20.

The last eclipse of this type occurred almost 10 years ago, on Nov. 3, 2013, making this one a rare event.   

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

According to Space.com, Hybrid solar eclipses shift from total to annular (ring shaped) as the moon's shadow races over Earth. in some places, the moon completely blots out the sun, whereas in others a ring of light is visible around its edge.

These eclipses occur just a few times every century. 

The path of totality will pass over the North West Cape, WA, but should also be visible from Perth and other parts of WA and possibly NT. Some people will see a "ring of fire" around the moon, although a partial solar eclipse, with the moon taking a bite out of a portion of the sun, is more likely.

The hybrid eclipse will be visible from between 09:36 and 14:59 AWST on the 20th, according to In the Sky. From Perth, the Sun will be eclipsed to a maximum of 70%.

You can also see the totality’s path on this map to give you an idea of what to expect.

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