How good are your visual skills?

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How good are your visual skills? The good news is that as a photographer you're more likely to do well in the following test than the average punter.

In a study of 2000 people, less than 1% of people scored 100% in the missing-piece puzzle, but those with a creative background were found to have a better eye for detail.

Players are shown a series of 10 photographs each with a part of the image missing. They're then asked to select the puzzle piece which completes the photo within the time limit.

Participants who said they had previously worked in a creative role or studied a creative subject, performed better in the test. 23.2% of creatives got 7 or more correct answers, compared with 15% of non-creatives.

Overall, the most common score was 4 out of 10 correct answers, with 37.4% of participants getting this result.

• 0 correct answers: 9.5% of respondents got this score
• 1 correct answer: 9.1%
• 2 correct answers: 16.8%
• 3 correct answers: 27%
• 4 correct answers: 37.4%
• 5 correct answers: 36.2%
• 6 correct answers: 31.3%
• 7 correct answers: 17.9%
• 8 correct answers: 10.6%
• 9 correct answers: 2.8%
• 10 correct answers: 0.6%

You can try the test for yourself below, or click here.

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