Getty want your work for their "This Is Australia" collection of stock imagery - but only if you shoot Canon

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Stock library Getty Images are currently seeking photographers for a new "This Is Australia" collection of stock imagery, but only if your images are shot with a Canon camera.

Getty describe the opportunity as being part of an important project that captures the Australia of today.

"Australian life is unique, diverse and wonderful. It's real. And with the changes driven by social media, more and more brands are looking for authentic, candid imagery that reflects daily life in Australia."

However despite seeking diversity in submitted imagery, Getty are only after images shot on Canon cameras.

A spokesperson for Getty says that photographers using any camera brand are welcome to join Getty images as contributors following the standard enrolment process, but the 'This is Australia' collection, run in partnership with Canon, is a "special program for the Canon community".

Photographers who enter will also be allowed to take part in special events and photo shoots organised by Getty Images and Canon, and be given access to exclusive workshops on shooting stock imagery and improving their photography.

Getty says they are seeking imagery for the collection that that can depict many concepts – togetherness, innovation, love, collaboration etc. – and will resonate with marketing clients and their audiences.

To apply, photographers must submit six images that represent their best work, which will be assessed by the stock image library. Once approved, contributors' images will be made available for royalty-free use to Getty images' customers, with all contributors paid at standard Getty rates.

Edit: 10/7/18 - This story has been updated to better reflect that contributors will be paid for contributions.

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