Fujifilm opens new experience centre in Sydney

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Fujifilm has followed in Apple's footsteps and opened its first dedicated consumer store in Australia, the Fujifilm House of Photography, in Sydney's CBD.

Image: Fujifilm
Image: Fujifilm

Fujifilm says the experience centre is aimed to inspire and encourage consumers to immerse themselves in the world of photography and experience all 'Fujifilm has to offer, from photo taking to photo making.'

The new store will offer consumers hands-on experience with the brand’s portfolio of consumer products, access to an in-store studio, bespoke photo printing services and personalised consultations with Fujifilm 'X-Perts'. 

Image: Fujifilm
Image: Fujifilm

This new experience centre is only the second Fujifilm House of Photography in the world and follows the launch of the concept in the UK in 2019.

Tyler Yanase, CEO of Fujifilm Australia, said the store was launched to "elevate a photographer’s experience with the Fujifilm brand, acting as a hub for them to explore, touch, trial and learn more about our portfolio of products and services." 

The Experience Centre is home to 'The Boutique', which will offer seasoned photographers a sit-down, one-on-one personalised consultation with a Fujifilm team member, giving them hands-on experience to learn more about Fujifilm gear.

Image: James Ostinga
Image: James Ostinga

There's also a dedicated studio, a printing and 'personalisation' station comprised of two photo printing kiosks, an interactive lens selector, an in-store gallery, and a programme of workshops and events. 

Fujifilm's House of Photography opens from Thursday 7 July at 2 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

Monday – Wednesday 10am – 6pm
Thursday 10am – 9pm
Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm

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