Fujifilm officially discontinuing all Black and White film and photo paper

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Fujifilm have officially announced that it will be discontinuing its Neopan 100 Acros film in October 2018, bringing an end to the 82 year old Acros line and in turn, all black and white film produced by the company. 

Fuji says that it has worked hard to absorb costs related to film manufacturing by doing things like improving production efficiency and implementing cost savings, however they haven't been enough to make production sustainable.

Fujifilm Across 100. Wikimedia Commons

According to the Mainichi, Fujifilm said shipments of black-and-white film had dropped to below one per cent of the peak level in the 1960s. Demand has declined by 15 to 20 per cent annually in recent years. 

Fujifilm have stated they also plan to quit selling printing paper for monochrome photography by March 2020.

Currently you can still buy Acros. DigiDirect sell a five pack of 100 120 film for $69, and a single roll of 35mm 100 Acros for $14.95. We don't expect them to stick around though, so if you're planning to buy some, do it soon. 

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