Fujifilm confirms film prices set to increase by up to 60%

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Fujifilm global has announced it is raising the price of its photographic film and paper as of a week ago, due to the cost of ‘soaring raw materials and transportation costs' as well as a decline in demand.

In a statement on the Fujifilm website with the somewhat cryptic title Fujifilm photo-related products: notice of partial price revision, a (machine translated) statement said, 

‘Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Fujifilm products. Fujifilm imaging systems co., ltd. has been working hard to absorb photographic-related products, such as by improving production efficiency and cost savings due to the decrease in demand, in addition to the recent rise in raw materials and transportation costs, but it is difficult to absorb them only by corporate efforts. We will implement price revisions with the following contents.’

According to a chart Fujifilm provided to DPReview, film prices will increase between 20–60%, while photographic paper and chemicals will increase by 10–20%, respectively:


Fujifilm are staggering the increases, with photographic film the first to see a rise, followed by colour photographic paper, processing chemicals and finally Prolab products from 1 June 2022.

The current film line-up listed by Fujifilm includes two ‘consumer’ films – Fujicolor C200 and Fujicolor Superia X-TRA400 colour negative films, and a number of ‘Pro’ films – Fujicolor Pro 400H and 160NS (colour negative), Fujichrome Velvia 50 and Velvia 100 (colour slide), Fujichrome Provia 100F (colour slide) and Neopan 100 Acros II black and white negative film.

Fujifilm Australia did not respond to a request for comment.

Cover image: Fujifilm.

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