Finalists of 2024 Mullins Contemporary Photography Prize announced

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35 finalists have been selected for the 2024 Mullins Contemporary Photography Prize.

Run by the Australian Photographic Society (APS), The Mullins Conceptual Photography Prize is an acquisitive prize that seeks to find Australia's best conceptual photographs.

Entries in the Award must be a still work that has been substantially produced by photographic means, and it is open to analogue and digital photography, collage and mixed media. 

Janet Tavener, Glitch 1, 2024
Janet Tavener, Glitch 1, 2024

The winner will take home a $30,000 prize, with their work also acquired by the Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre's (MRAC) permanent collection of post-war paintings, ceramic and photography.

The 35 finalists are:

Artists Name

Artwork Title

Caleb Arcifa

Sonant Autograph #001 (Joini), 2023

Aurelie Beeston

What happened to my home, 2024

Joseph Blair

Skies Over Roubaix, 2023

Stephen Burdett

Here and Now I am Alive, 2023

Chris Byrnes

Sequential Yellow Light Dawn to Sunrise, 2023

Melanie Cobham

The Death of Images, 2024

Tamara Dean

Blowin in the Wind, 2024

Damian Dillon

Shoot, 2024

Rozalind Drummond

Scenario, 2024

Merilyn Fairskye

Focus Infinity IV (4.14am 09 May 2024, Maralinga Village), 2024

Aidan Gageler 

Loom, 2024

Lisa Gipton

June 10, 2024

Sam Holt

Savoured some more, 2024

Minami Ivory

How it happened, 2024

Eunie Kim

Waves Under My Skin, 2023

Mark Kimber

Saudade #25, 2023

Aldona Kmieć

Veil, white, 2024

Orlando Luminere 

Wasted View, 2024

Kathy Mackey

Aqueous Site 3, 2024

Annabelle McEwen

Data Composite, 2024

Michaela Meadow

An Island Memory, 2024

Sara Nash

Nameless, Faceless, 2023

Sean O’Connell

Ruins of The Rainbow Chalet – electric ground, 2024

Helen Poyser & what

Coming Forth by Day, 2024

Kiah Pullens

Space Junk, 2024

Jacob Raupach

Various Small Fires I & II, 2024

Lynne Roberts-Goodwin

Light Strike 55, 2023

Simone Rosenbauer

Like Ice in the Clouds I #106 (Japan), 2024

Matthew Schiavello

The essence of self i, 2023

Ian Skinner

A Pale Blue Dot, 2023

Linda Swinfield

Mother Site ll for Eleanor (with Selfies), 2024

Darren Tanny Tan

When the Dust Settles (Clouds #2), 2024

Janet Tavener

Glitch 1, 2024

Hilary Wardhaugh

A Meditation of Death, 2024

Shelly Watters

Transforming Matter II, 2023

The 2024 winner will be announced on August 17.

You can see all the finalist artworks here. 

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