The winner of the December 'Kids' photo competition is Joshua Reuveni, who took the top prize with his black and white image, "I Win?", which captured children at play. Reuveni has won a $250 voucher for a Deluxe Photobook from photo book maker Momento.

The December competition was judged by Australian family portrait photographer Vanessa Forbes. She said, "Technically speaking, the lighting is great with detail in all the tones, from white through to black. It's darkened around the edges, bringing the eye easily to the middle of the picture, where the action is. The composition taken from above is unusual, fresh, and yet very powerful. The circular aspect leads your eye nicely around the picture and finishes beautifully in the middle of the board where the boys energy is so concentrated in the moment. The little beads and the hand are perfectly placed, creating interest in the final resting place of the eye.

"The sharpness and detail in the shot, from their short cropped hair to the texture on the table and board is another strong element that keeps your eye interested. It creates a great depth to the picture.

"I love the message this photo gives. This picture tells a story that is timeless, it could have been taken generations ago. It tells of the simple pleasures of life, of humanity, and shows the ease that children have of being in the now. The boys are involved in an activity that is communal, simple, all-consuming, healthy and it doesn't involve the consumeristic trappings of the west. There are no iPods, no electronics, no jewellery, no makeup, no fashionable clothes, no ice-creams, no plastic, no fancy toys and they are fully engaged and present.

"The mood conveyed in this photo is calm and meditative. It makes me feel peaceful looking at it."

Reuveni has won a $250 voucher for a Deluxe Photobook from leading Australian photo book maker Momento.

Twenty-five images, seen below, were shortlisted. The brief for the January 2013 competition is 'Blue'. Images must be submitted by the end of January.

Over 25 years Vanessa Forbes has worked as a dance, TV stills and magazine photographer. For the last 10 years, she has specialised in photographing children and families.

I Win by Joshua Reuveni
'I Win?,' by Joshua Reuveni.

Faces From Up North by Tony Kearney
'Faces From Up North,' by Tony Kearney.

Going To The Beach by Brett Clark
'Going To The Beach,' by Brett Clark.

Hill Tribes Of Lao by John Alevras
'Hill Tribes Of Lao,' by John Alevras.

Inquisitive Children In Pingyao, China by Jessica Triquenot
'Inquisitive Children In Pingyao, China,' by Jessica Triquenot.

Winterbloom by Marc Campbell
'Winterbloom,' by Marc Campbell.

A Single Soul by Maddi Love
'A Single Soul,' by Maddi Love.

A Step of Faith by John Abbott
'A Step Of Faith,' by John Abbott.

Bored by Gary Wallis
'Bored,' by Gary Wallis.

Curiosity by Mihai Florea
'Curiosity,' by Mihai Florea.

Emuratta by Damaris Guresse
'Emuratta,' by Damaris Guresse.

Kids by Daniel Chau
'Kids,' by Daniel Chau.

Laughter by Andrea Nicole Lim
'Laughter,' by Andrea Nicole Lim.

Little Punk by Andrea Schebek
'Little Punk,' by Andrea Schebek.

Looking At You - Sean Mullarkey by Sean Mullarkey
'Looking at you - Sean Mullarkey,' by Sean Mullarkey.

Masterful in Spirit by Damaris Guresse
'Masterful In Spirit,' by Damaris Guresse.

My Turn by Joshua Reuveni
'My Turn,' by Joshua Reuveni.

Nepalese Kids by Marek Krzykawski
'Nepalese Kids,' by Marek Krzykawski.

Night Time by Andrea Schebek
'Night Time,' by Andrea Schebek.

Playing With The Rain by Filippo Rivetti
'Playing With The Rain,' by Filippo Rivetti.

Sharp Eyes by George Khalil
'Sharp Eyes,' by George Khalil.

Shy by Gary Wallis
'Shy,' by Gary Wallis.

Sleeping Babe by Roslyn Elms
'Sleeping Babe,' by Roslyn Elms.

Such Beauty by La Bella Photography
'Such Beauty,' by La Bella Photography.

The Boy by Rick Bucknall
'The Boy,' by Rick Bucknall.

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