Curtain finally falls on Imaging Resource

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The sword has fallen on another legacy online photo review platform as Imaging Resource, the respected camera review website, has finally closed for good. 

A visit to the Imaging Resource website returns an error message. 

Founded in 1998, Imaging Resource was a treasure-trove of camera and lens reviews, tech articles and comparisons. In 2019 the website announced it would close, but it was thrown a lifeline in 2020 when it was acquired by Madavor Media, the publisher of several other print and digital photography-centric magazines including Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, and Digital Photo.

At the time, Imaging Resource Editor Dave Etchells said he was confident the platform's future was secured.

“Part of my confidence in transferring the IR brand to Madavor is the level of quality they’ve consistently supported in all of their existing photo publications,” he said.

However, Madavor was acquired by the BeBop channel in March this year, and the company has been swift to cut Imaging Resource from its books. 

At the time of publishing, the websites for Digital Photo Pro and Digital Photo, now also owned by Bebop, were also down. We'll update this story when we know more.

According to Petapixel, Imaging Resource and DPReview were the only US-based photo publications with dedicated camera testing labs.

DPReview owner Amazon announced that the site would close in April in a move that surprised many in the photographic community. 

Update 10/5 - the url is now redirecting to the Outdoor Photographer website, while both the Digital Photo Pro and Digital Photo websites are back up. 

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