Canon's Red Straps 2020 youth mentoring program open for registration

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Registrations are now open for Canon’s Red Straps 2020 mentoring program for young photographers and videographers.

Set to commence in early August, the 12-week program has been designed to help young people gain the skills and experience that can kick-start a career in photography or videography. 

The free 12-week youth mentoring program is open to young content creators aged 16-24 years. Now in its second year, the Red Straps program has been adapted this year to be delivered virtually. 

This year’s Red Straps course has the capacity for 1000 young people from across Australia to partake in the mentoring program. 

The program is made up of six online educational modules that address topics like, starting a business, dealing with clients, content creation, content editing, and marketing your portfolio.

Nina Spannari, the General Manager of marketing and consumer experience at Canon Australia has commented on the driving purpose that underpins the program. “The Red Straps program is designed to dispel any misconceptions that young people might have that a career driven by their talent and passion for storytelling can’t offer them lucrative success and happiness.”

© Canon Australia
© Canon Australia

The participants of the program will be under the guidance of Canon Australia experts, as well as two young professional mentors: photgrapher Matt Cherubino and videographer Aaron Busch. The fortnightly modules will include a one-hour tutorial that is followed by a creative challenge for participants to complete, submit for feedback, and improve over the next week. The general idea is to help mentees to take the first steps to creating a portfolio of a professional standard. 

Throughout the course of the program, ten mentees will be offered positions as cadets and as part of that cadetship they will receive an extra three weeks of virtual one-on-one mentoring.

Registrations for Red Straps 2020 are open until August 3. You can register now via the Canon website.

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