Garage Brands has introduced the a  lens dehumidifying system for Nikon and Canon camera bodies and lenses. 

The new BRNO dri+Cap Dehumidifying lens cap system is able to maintain a relative humidity of 35% to 45% at lens and camera body openings.

Cameras and lenses, especially modern electronically controlled models, can be permanently damaged by exposure to moisture, which can lead to fungus and mould damage over time.

The system uses a colour indicating silica gel in a special packet that does not shed dust particles. The packet is placed in the chamber in the rear of each dri+Cap. The chamber has an O-ring to keep the cap sealed and it doesn’t allow the packet to absorb moisture when the cap is not on the lens or camera body.

When fitted the dri+Cap has another O-ring to keep moisture out of the camera body or lens and enables the packet to absorb whatever moisture the lens or body has been exposed to.

The BRNO dri+Cap is supplied in two formats – Lens and Body Kit (RRP $49.95) for either Canon or Nikon cameras; and Single Lens pack (RRP $29.95) for additional lenses. Each Canon and Nikon Kit includes a dri+ camera body cap and a dri+ rear lens cap as well as eight foil sealed packs of the BRNO colour indicating silica gel.

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